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Dependent Re-Verification

Dependent Re-Verification


The Dependent Re-Verification (DRV) is the process of re-verifying the eligibility of spouses, domestic partners, children, stepchildren, and domestic partner children (family members) for their continued enrollment for state health, Dental and/or Premier Vision benefits. Government Code section 19815.9 mandates re-verifying the eligibility of these family members. Government Code section 22959 authorizes extending this review to family members enrolled in Dental benefits.  The bargaining unit contracts specify that family member eligibility for Dental benefits shall be the same as that prescribed for health benefits.

The DRV began in 2018. The eligibility of family members is re-verified once every three years. The re-verification period is based on the employee’s birth month.  Government Code 19815.9 also requires the employing office to:

      • Verify the eligibility of all dependents prior to enrolling them in health, Dental and/or Premier Vision benefits
      • Retain and maintain a record of the verifying documentation for each dependent in the employee’s official personnel file
      • Validate/re-verify dependent eligibility at least once every three years for most dependents
      • Remove unverified dependents from benefits coverage