You and your dependents may be eligible for state-sponsored dental insurance, available form one of several dental plans. Eligible employees may enroll in a dental plan within the first 60 days of employment or eligibility or during the annual Open Enrollment period. Changes in coverage are also permitted during Open Enrollment.

Your collective bargaining designation determines which plans are available to you. The state pays all or part of your premium, depending on the plan you select and the number of dependents you wish to cover.

2023 Open Enrollment Resources

2023 Dental Plan Premiums

2023 Dental Benefits Handbook for Active Employees

2022 Open Enrollment Resources

2022 Dental Benefits Handbook for Active Employees

There are three types of plans available:

Prepaid Plans

A prepaid plan requires you and your eligible dependents to use a dentist from a specific list of dentists who are located in California and who contract with your selected prepaid carrier. For more information or a list of member dentists, contact the plans at:

DeltaCare USA
(800) 422-4234

MetLife (Benefits provided by SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc., a MetLife company)
(800) 880-1800

Premier Access
(888) 534-DHMO (888-534-3466)

(800) 880-1800

Western Dental
(866) 859-7525

Indemnity Option

An indemnity plan allows enrollees to select a dentist of their choice throughout the United States and worldwide without using a provider network. For more information, please contact:

Delta Dental
(800) 225-3368

Preferred Provider Option

The state-sponsored Delta Dental Preferred Provider Option (PPO) plan provides services through its network of participating dentists and allows you to see any dentist of your choice world-wide and still be covered. For more information, please contact:

Delta Dental
(800) 225-3368