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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment ended Oct. 13, 2023. Benefit plan changes made during Open Enrollment will take effect Jan. 1, 2024.

The Benefits Open enrollment is a set time of the year when eligible state employees can enroll, disenroll or make changes to their health, dental, vision, COBRA, and legal insurance benefit plans. Employees can also add or delete eligible dependents.

For successful delivery of these efforts, the Benefits Division established an Annual Open Enrollment Project, with the goal to provide state departments with necessary benefit programs and plan information to share with their employees.


2023 Open Enrollment Events

Virtual Benefits Fair

The CalHR Benefits Team hosted a two-day Virtual Benefits Open Enrollment Fair for State-employees on Sept. 13 and 14, 2023.

During the Virtual Benefits Fair, employees were able to view on-demand webinars and join live Q&A sessions hosted by CalHR Benefit Program Vendors and CalPERS Health Plan Carriers.

The CalHR Benefits Team established the Virtual Benefits Fair webpage on the Benefits Website, where state employees can continue to view on-demand webinars as well as contact information for the Benefit Program Vendors and Health Carriers.


Open Enrollment In-Person Benefits Fair

The CalHR Benefits Team had a successful collaboration by assisting with organizing two In-Person Open Enrollment Benefits Fairs: One with the Department of Motor Vehicles in the Northern California Region in Sacramento, CA on September 6, 2023, and One with the Department of State Hospitals in the Southern California Region in Norwalk, on September 21, 2023.

During these fairs, state employees were able to meet with program vendors and CalPERS health plan carriers to gather information and ask questions.

If you are a state department representative and interested in partnering with CalHR to host an in-person Open Enrollment Benefits Fair, send our team an email at

Benefits Calculator

The Benefits Calculator tool will help state employees calculate employee contribution rates for health, dental and vision benefits and compare plans to make informed benefits financial decisions. To use the Benefits Calculator, click here!

For information regarding CalPERS health plans and eligibility, please visit CalPERS.

Open Enrollment Resources

Please find copies of official announcement for Open Enrollment and Open Enrollment Events

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