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Retiree Dental Benefits

Retiree Dental Benefits

California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) maintains the dental benefit enrollment records for all state retirees, processes retirees’ dental enrollments, and submits eligibility information to the appropriate dental plan.

It is important that you maintain your address current to help ensure you receive timely information about your sponsored dental benefits. Report address changes to CalPERS at the address below (be sure to include your MyCalPERS ID and telephone number):

California Public Employees’ Retirement System
Health Account Management Division
P.O. Box 942715
Sacramento, CA 94229-2715

If you are a retired state employee and have any questions regarding your eligibility, contact CalPERS, toll free at: (888) 225-7377/ TTY (877) 249-7442 or visit the CalPERS website.

Please view the State Retiree Open Enrollment Resources page for 2023 Benefit information.