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Employee Wellness Program

The CalHR Statewide wellness program is administered by the Statewide Engagement Program, a established initiative aimed at comprehensively supporting the well-being of California’s workforce. This program provides strategic direction, training, and guidance to state departments, with CalHR taking a leadership role in helping them establish healthy worksites and proactive onsite wellness programs that foster employee engagement at all organizational levels.


General Information

Wellness Coordinators within each state department are dedicated advocates for the health and well-being of all employees. The Employee Wellness Program’s primary objective is to empower employees and promote their overall wellness and sense of well-being. This is achieved through a range of wellness initiatives, health-related events, statewide challenges, and self-regulating resources.


Healthier U Connections

The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) is excited to announce Healthier U Connections. It is an innovative, online wellness platform that allows state active employees to continually track health behaviors and access wellness resources, such as statewide wellness challenges, healthy recipes, community cookbook, exercise videos, mindful moments, and much more. Watch this short video to learn about key features of this wellness platform. Invest in your well-being and choose the wellbeing programs that work for you. Sign up for this free wellness platform today!

All state active civil service employees are encouraged to participate.

Sign up with your state email address and the registration code StateofCA.


Creating a Culture of Health and wellbeing

Join us in our quest to reduce preventable chronic disease, improve employee morale and productivity, and establish a culture of health for our employees statewide. Healthier U Connections is designed to inspire healthy habits, healthy minds, and healthy bodies. Team building and friendly competition are encouraged.


Success Stories

Taking charge of your personal well-being helps you achieve more at home, at work, and everywhere in between. The State of California wants to hear your success stories, give you the opportunity to shout out colleagues, and provide you with effective education and tools that will motivate healthy habits.

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Visit the HealthierU Connections website for more information.

For policy information and governing authorities for these programs please visit the CalHR HR Manual – 1409 Health and Wellness.


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Additional Information

Contact your department wellness coordinator for more information about your worksite program. For additional questions, contact our statewide wellness team at

For more information about your health plan, please visit the CalPERS website.